The Best Clarity

New Design


Indoor & outdoor applications
Designed for wider purposes, mainly used for Live Music.
Single organ or band. If compiled a minimum of 4 boxes this DJM Live series becomes a Line array system. Likewise multiples of 8, 12 and 16 boxes.
21-days non-stop trial with stable performance results.

Malioboro Collector Series

Passive 2 ways, frequency of response (-3dB) 105-20000 HZ, Weight 22 kg.

The advantages of Pro series loudspeaker products and line array loudspeaker :

  • Resistant to water immersion and anti-rust.
  • Minimum feedback.
    90% use local domestic components that are easily available.
  • Physical speakers are small, compact and lightweight.
  • Competitive prices with clear sound quality.
  • Visually attractive.