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DJM ++ is a speaker unit designed for background music applications, usually installed in the place of business, Café, Mall, Meeting Room, Swimming Pool etc., even in addition to the place where it series is also installed in places of worship, even their tiny shape, added with 1 unit Sub-series SX-1501 can also be used for family karaoke in a small room

(3 X 4 meter 2 units mid + 1 sub unit).

Advantage of product

  • Clarity is very good, then it is very suitable for rooms that have problems with space echoes or reflective effects.
  • Lack of Feedback, this series is still the same as his siblings namely the LX series and the DJM Live series which are minimal feedback, with Freq being able to respond in the Specifications table that this series does not require an Equalizer because it has been designed in such a way as to produce the desired sound almost everyone.
  • Multi Amplifier, what is meant by multi amplifier here is this speaker can drive with low impedance power amplifier and can also use high impedance, using high impedance settings, it is very efficient used for public places where installation positions from one unit to unit others are far apart, just use 1 unit of high impedance power amps and only using ordinary cables (not necessarily speaker cables), very efficient right?
  • This speaker requires quite small power amps, with watts which is only 30 watts per speaker unit, so the amplitude of the power requirements is also sufficient the small one, of course, a small power amplifier also impacts on the price of the power is definitely cheaper. and can use series techniques parallel connection.
  • Resistant to water, which means it’s safe for a season or somewhere which is much associated with water, for example in the business of swimming pools, water sport, garden area, and café on the beach, even the term waterproof this is not just exposed to rainwater, but more than that  this speaker may be new first in the world who dared to be drowned in water in living conditions, voiced.

Apart from the superiority of the speaker, it must also pay attention to the way good and correct installation (installation),

is required to read the specifications technical attached to each package. this is to avoid mistakes errors that occur for example : used that are not in accordance with the designation (live music), excess wattage, cable connection errors etc.



DJM ++


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2-way, full range

Operating Mode


Frequency Response (-3dB)


Operating Range



HF 1 X 1 Inch, LF 2 X 4 Inch

Crossover Frequency

4500 Hz

Nominal Dispersion (4)

130 X 60

Nominal Impedance

8 ohms


88db @ 1W/1m (free-space)

Maximum Input

15V(RMS), 28W(con’t), 112W (peak)

Maximum Output

102db (free-space)

DSP Recommendation

High Pass Filter 100Hz, 12db/oct

Amplifier Recommendation

30W (con’t) – 60W (con’t) @8 ohms


390mm(h) X 140mm(w,front) X 70mm(w,back) X 170mm(d)




Polyurethane, Powder coated grille


12 mm Local Multiplex


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  • One meter referenced output using 1W pink Noise
  • Determined using pink noise 6 dB  (CF) at Maximum input for 8 continuous hours
  • Measured using pink noise 6 dB (CF) with recommended high pass filter, 100 Hz 12 Db/oct low pass filter and calculated to 1m.
  • 2000-10000 Hz Average, 4m measurement distance